California has one Marriage License with two options for the recording by the County Clerk

1. The Public Marriage License is recorded in the Public Recorder’s office. All personal
information on the license is open to the public. This license is available from any county office in California and may be used throughout the State. Couples are required to both be present to purchase a license from the County Clerk.

2. The Non-Public Confidential Marriage License is recorded in the Marriage License Department. Personal information on this license is protected from the public. The Confidential License may be used throughout the State. This license can be purchased from the County Clerk or from an authorized provider who has been designated by the county clerk as "Authorized Clergy Notary." Pastor Mike is an Authorized Clergy Notary.

Pastor Mike offers the service of providing the Confidential License for a wedding ceremony wherein he is the officiant.

Pastor Mike is also available to provide the Confidential License for ceremonies wherein he is not the officiant. The license must be signed by the couple in Pastor Mike’s presence.

County Clerk website is:
Pastor Mike’s phone is: 619-890-5000. His website is:

Frequently asked Questions

Question: How long does it take to get a license?
Answer: One day.

Question: How long does it take to schedule a wedding?
Answer: One day.

Question: Can we apply online for our marriage license from Pastor Mike?
Answer: Yes. Click on the link below and your information will be sent to Pastor Mike

Question: What form of payment is accepted?
Answer: Cash, check and credit card.

For more license information, check the San Diego County Clerk website: - 619-237-0502

Complete and Submit Marriage License Application Online to Pastor Mike

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